Housing The company has a respected name for the design and construction of cost-effective modern timber-framed buildings, as well as buildings utilising the latest energy efficient ‘Structural Insulated Panels’.

SIPs construction
Cubby Construction has delivered in excess of a hundred of these ecologically sound homes, both designed and constructed by the Company itself, and as kits for other contractors and community self-builds as far afield as the Outer Hebrides, Shetland and the Orkneys.

The Company works closely with a leading manufacturer of the ‘Structural Insulated Panels’ that combine sustainability with exceptional energy efficiency over their operational life.

‘Structural Insulated Panels’ comprise two layers of sustainably sourced board, bonded to a CFC-free insulation core, creating a rigid, incredibly strong structural panel suitable for walls and roofs.

Timber-framed homes
Cubby’s significant joinery manufacturing and installation capability also places the Company in a leading position for the delivery of modern timber-framed homes. Built using incredibly strong ‘engineered timber’ and sustainably sourced wood, the completed self-supporting wooden shell is sealed using membrane and then skinned either with brick, block, or timber, composite or metal panelling.

Since the internal design does not normally require the supporting walls that are a feature of brick and stone built homes, there is maximum flexibility of the internal layout. The addition of electrics, plumbing and other services is a simple operation within the panel walls.