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December 2023

Two Young Joiners’ Journey With Cubby Construction


Work experience can be a pivotal moment in a young person’s life, offering a glimpse into the professional world and helping them explore their interests. Recently, Cubby Construction opened its doors to two budding joiners, Leo and Alex, aged 15 and 16, from William Howard School. This blog post details their enriching experience at Cubby Construction, where they delved into the world of Bench Joinery and gained insights into various aspects of the construction business.

Bench Joinery Adventures:

Leo and Alex embarked on their work experience journey with Cubby Construction by immersing themselves in the joinery workshop. Under the guidance of bench joiner Pascal, they had the opportunity to get hands on in the workshop, where they crafted a bird box using our 5 axis CNC machine. This work allowed them to understand the intricacies of joinery, from designing to manufacturing.
In addition to the bird box project, Leo and Alex lent their hands to various day-to-day joinery tasks, such as sanding doors, programming the CNC machine, and tidying up the workshop. Leo expressed his gratitude, stating, “Between the design and workshop, they really helped me understand the process from client brief to design, through to manufacture and installation.”

Venturing into Design:

Leo and Alex’s journey took them into the office and seeing the process of design. With the assistance of Product Designer Eden, they explored the 3D design programme SketchUp. Together, they designed the layout for two existing rooms which are to be transformed from storage space to office space above our joinery workshop. They were shown the two spaces which are to be used, this experience broadened their understanding of the design process and its integral role in construction projects.

Navigating the Office Environment:

The apprentices weren’t confined to the workshop; they also gained valuable insights into the administrative side of Cubby Construction. Spending time in the office, they learned essential skills such as scanning, printing, filing, and laminating. They delved into the application process, exploring information on the company’s website, apprenticeship flyers, and case studies of previous projects.

Moreover, Leo and Alex honed their application skills, working on CVs and cover letters. They examined examples on Cubby Construction’s website and social media, understanding the importance of a well-crafted application in the professional world. Leo expressed his appreciation, saying, “I had a great time learning how all the components of the business fit together and run. Everyone within the team is essential for a project to run smoothly. Thank you to Cubby for this opportunity!”


Leo and Alex’s work experience with Cubby Construction was more than just a glimpse into the construction industry – it was a holistic journey that encompassed joinery craftsmanship, design, and the inner workings of a successful business. The invaluable lessons learned during their time at Cubby Construction will undoubtedly shape their future endeavours, providing a solid foundation for their aspirations in the construction world. We applause Cubby Construction for providing such a comprehensive and enriching experience for these young talents.