Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities


Drainage and Waste Water

The Company provides an extensive range of drainage and waste water works covering municipal, industrial, commercial and domestic waste water and clean water networks and sewage treatment plant installation.

Cubby installs, repairs and maintains the full spectrum of subsurface networks and the assets associated with them. Associated services include the construction of manholes, catchpits and interceptors.

Drainage works and land improvement is carried out for agricultural, residential, municipal and commercial sites, and frequently benefits from the Company’s in-house ‘minimum dig’ ploughing techniques, as well as traditional open cut solutions.

Large Scale Earthworks

Cubby have the manpower, experience and equipment to deliver large-scale earthworks projects for a variety utility, energy and industrial projects. Works typically range from grading and re-profiling of slopes, through cuttings and embankments to the construction of large lakes and settling ponds.

The Company also provides a comprehensive range of stabilisation solutions, including the construction of rock armour, installation of gabion cages and soil nailing and netting. Works are often carried out in association with Cubby’s own construction projects and may make extensive use of the Company’s ground stabilisation, stone picking and landscaping capabilities.

Pictured here, a large wildlife lake of in excess of an acre in area is being excavated prior to lining, landscaping and naturalisation by Cubby near Cockermouth in West Cumbria.

The Company also provides an extensive range of specialist landscaping and naturalisation, and ground reinstatement and improvement solutions, including Gravel Clearance, Topsoil Reinstatement, Stone Picking, and Spoil Screening and Washing using its own high specification in-house plant.