Cubby Construction has built an excellent reputation for its conservation work and environmental engineering. Ranging from the construction of ponds and wetland areas through to the re-routing of canalised watercourses; reducing flooding problems and improve wildlife habitats; Cubby has worked extensively with the Environment Agency, private customers and other key public conservation groups, like the Eden Rivers Trust. Regularly undertake projects which improve or secure environmental protection for future generations.


River Lyvennet Re-routing

Home to an extensive range of wildlife including the rare Signal Crayfish and Water Voles, the River Lyvennet is also an important spawning ground for migratory salmon and trout entering the Eden river system who require clean, well-aerated gravel in which to make their redds. Years of canalising had resulted in much of these important gravelbeds being washed away and a substantially increased rate of flow during high water; exacerbating the flooding downstream that has caused so much damage to Carlisle in recent years.

Eden Rivers Trust contracted Cubby to reinstate the natural meanders that will reduce flow and improve the ecology of this small hill country river. Work proceeded with the isolation of the river section to be worked on, using straw bales to act as filters which prevented contamination downstream from muddy run-off. The section being worked on was then accessed by a naturalist and electro-fishing was carried out to collect the salmon and trout parr populating the river.

Once the new ‘river bed’ had been cut and cleared, the main flow was diverted into the new channel where it rapidly naturalised, becoming a much improved habitat for fish, insect life, water birds and mammals. The project also included the construction of a new farm bridge, enabling the farm vehicles and livestock to avoid fording the shallow river, adding to the silt load and reducing water quality and oxygen levels.

Limefield Falls Fish Pass

For example, Cubby Construction were pleased to report the completion of Limefield Falls Fish Pass project in 2021. This this complex, but extremely interesting project was carried out for West Lothian Council, Forth Rivers Trust and SEPA. Supported by Aecom as Designers and Project Managers.

Challenges were overcome throughout, such as resourcing and the logistics surround Covid-19. Even with these challenges, the end product continues to showcase the key drivers: Safe Delivery – Protect the Environment – Delivery Quality.

With the new fish pass now taking partial river flows, fish and eels now have access to the river environment upstream of the existing Limefields Falls Weir enhancing the biodiversity of the upper stretches of the Harwood Water.