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February 2024
At Cubby, we are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Connor Rawson, who recently joined us in February 2024 as a Site Joiner. Connor brings with him a wealth of experience gained during his impressive 9-year career in the Royal Engineers. His journey from the military to the construction industry is not just a career change; it’s a testament to the valuable skills and qualities that military personnel can bring to civilian workplaces.
Originally from Carlisle, Connor completed his Site Joiner Apprenticeship before embarking on a fulfilling career in the military. His time in the Royal Engineers involved working on diverse construction and civil engineering projects, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in challenging environments.
In January 2024, Connor decided to transition into a full-time civilian role, dedicatedly obtaining a comprehensive gold CSCS Card through military support. This commitment reflects his determination to seamlessly integrate into the construction industry, showcasing his dedication and enthusiasm for his new career path.
Connor’s journey to Cubby began with thorough research into local construction firms. Taking the initiative, he sent a speculative CV and Cover Letter to Cubby’s HR department at The response from Cubby HR was swift, reflecting their commitment to recognising and embracing talent from diverse backgrounds. An interview was promptly arranged with Mark Griffin, Small Works and Specialist Contracts Manager, who acknowledged Connor’s potential and offered him a position upon his exit from the military.

Connor’s military background has equipped him with a range of transferable skills that make him an invaluable addition to the Cubby team. These skills include:

  • Time Management: Connor’s experience in the military has honed his ability to manage time effectively, ensuring projects are completed on schedule.
  • Presentability: With an emphasis on discipline and professionalism, Connor brings a polished and presentable demeanour to his role.
  • Supervision & Leadership: His military service has instilled in him strong supervision and leadership skills, contributing to effective team dynamics.
  • Health and Safety: Connor’s commitment to health and safety, instilled by the military, aligns seamlessly with the construction industry’s stringent onsite safety standards.
  • Fitness: A physically demanding profession, construction benefits from individuals with the fitness levels developed in military service.
  • Attention to Detail: Connor’s military background has ingrained in him a keen attention to detail, vital for quality work in construction and joinery.
  • Teamwork: Having worked in collaborative military settings, Connor excels in teamwork, fostering a positive and productive work environment.
  • Motivation: The ability to work independently and remain motivated is a testament to Connor’s military training, an asset in the construction field.

Connor Rawson’s journey from the Royal Engineers to Cubby is a shining example of the untapped potential that military veterans bring to the civilian workforce. At Cubby, we are proud to welcome Connor and look forward to harnessing his skills and experience as we continue to build a diverse and talented team. We believe that by embracing individuals like Connor, we not only enrich our workplace but also contribute to the broader goal of recognising and supporting our armed forces’ transition to civilian careers.