Sports Hall

Trinity School, located in Carlisle city centre, proving education for approximately 1600 pupils aged 11 to 18 years old. In response to the 2015 Storm Desmond flood event, which caused significant damage to the school premises, Trinity School initiated a vital project to relocate and reconstruct its sports hall.

Cubby Construction was entrusted with this endeavour, tasked not only with building a new sports hall but also incorporating changing facilities and office space. The primary objective was to ensure the new structure was situated in an area safe from potential future floodwaters.

Principal Designer: Day Cummins Limited




New Build Construction


Circa £1.8M


Trinity School, Carlisle

All of us at Trinity School are delighted with the new Sports Hall. From its smart external façade to the well designed changing rooms and then the superb hall itself, we could not be more pleased with this new facility. We have been most impressed with the work Cubby Construction has done, completing the project ahead of time and to a high quality. The project has been completed in an efficient way, causing no disruption to the school and its operation.

Brian ArmstrongChair of Governors

Principal Designer: Day Cummins Limited