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May 2024

Josh, a student from Trinity School, embarked on a work experience journey at Cubby Construction. With a keen interest in design technology and woodwork, Josh sought to explore various career options. Utilising his school network and neighbourly connections, he reached out to Lauren, our Business Development Manager at Cubby Construction, who guided him to apply for a work experience placement.

Work Experience Overview
Josh spent a week at Cubby Construction, where he gained hands-on experience in different workshops and roles. This exposure allowed him to explore his interests and consider potential career paths. His work experience included:

Joinery – Workshop

  • Mentor: Libby, Bench Joiner
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Activities: Josh was actively involved in creating a fire door and wooden window frames, under Libby’s guidance.

Mechanics – Workshop

  • Mentor: Filip, Apprentice Mechanic
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Activities: Josh participated in weekly vehicle checks, which included tasks like removing tires, cleaning brakes, changing steering wheel oil, and adding a new lock to a van.

Joinery – Business and Design

  • Mentor: Eden, CAD Designer
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Activities: Josh learned about the design and business aspects of the joinery workshop. He engaged in designing a kitchen using SketchUp and programmed a CNC machine.


Experience Reflection

Josh expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity to experience a professional work environment for the first time. He said:
“I’ve really enjoyed learning new skills and getting a taste of a real work environment. A huge thank you to Libby, Eden, and Filip for teaching me and giving me the chance to try a variety of tasks. This experience has been fantastic and has made me realise that I definitely want a hands-on career where I can solve problems. Plus, I now have some great experience to include in my CV. With another year left at school, I’m seriously considering a Cubby Apprenticeship, possibly in business or joinery.”

Josh’s week at Cubby Construction provided him with invaluable insights and practical skills in joinery, mechanics, and design. The diverse experience reinforced his desire for a hands-on career, potentially in business or joinery. Josh’s proactive approach and positive feedback highlight the importance and impact of early work experiences for young students exploring their future career paths.