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January 2023

Work began this month on the £3.5m Komatsu Forestry UK ltd Head office, based at an established industrial estate adjacent to Carlisle airport.

A ceremony held on 20 January marked the ground breaking occasion, attended by Cllr Mike Mitchelson, Mayor of Carlisle, Deputy Mayor Colin Glover and representatives from Komatsu, Architects Plus and Cubby Construction.
This project breaks away from Komatsu’s norm of renting out spaces, it will be the first fully owned site, from the land to the building itself. The project consists of the construction of a new office, mechanical workshop, parts warehouse, and storage yard. It’s set to host approximately 35 employees and the project will be the UK head office for the company.

Stephen Bellas, Managing Director for Komatsu said: “This is an exciting project, it will safeguard 35  jobs into the city, and make Carlisle the base for the company’s national headquarters. One of our starting points, when we started in July 2019, was to use local industries. Everything going into the building of the site has been kept local, from the construction, architectural design, consultancy, and raw materials.”

Tommy Cubby, Managing Director for Cubby Construction said: “I am delighted work has started on this major project. Komatsu Forestry are a new client and we’re pleased to collaborate with Architects Plus once again as the primary contractor. Located 10min drive from our head office in Kingstown and keeping it all local is something mutually important for ourselves and Komatsu as a worldwide brand.”

Christian Judd, Managing Director for Architect Plus said: “It’s been a pleasure working with Komatsu Forestry to bring this major project to fruition. Komatsu are exactly the kind of client we want to work with, their ethics around the supply chain and keeping it local match our own values / sentiment.  We like to work with local firms that have a local impact, and this is strengthened with the appointment of Cubby Construction as the main contractor.

“Komatsu also put us in charge of ensuring that the project is as sustainable as possible, we’re picking lower impact materials that don’t necessarily cost more money.”

Cllr Mike Mitchelson, Mayor of Carlisle said: “It’s good news for Carlisle, a huge investment that’s going to be Komatsu’s UK headquarters. It makes Carlisle have more of a presence nationally and will be good for the economy. All that money spent has been spent at local firms, meaning it goes back into our local economy.”

It’s important to introduce construction and the built environment at an early age. Cubby Construction have contacted local schools near the project to be involved in activities to raise awareness of the possible careers, environmental aspects, health and safety on and around a busy construction site.

The project is set to complete in August 2023.