Procurement Office

The A66 Procurement Office Renovation project aimed to revamp a former auction mart into a contemporary headquarters tailored for Kier Highways, serving as the central hub for managing procurement related to the A66 Trans Pennine highways upgrade project.

By repurposing the space, the project successfully created a functional headquarters, fostering collaboration and streamlining procurement processes. The redesigned environment, with its strategic layout and modern amenities, facilitated seamless coordination among teams, enhancing overall project efficiency.

Moreover, the project prioritised enhancing aesthetics and functionality, resulting in a modern and inviting workplace. This not only improved employee satisfaction but also promoted productivity by providing a comfortable and inspiring setting for daily operations.

Representing a significant upgrade, turning a once-underutilised space into a cutting-edge headquarters. Its successful completion not only met immediate needs but also established a foundation for continued productivity and success for Kier Highways.






Circa £766k


Kier Highways