Road Reconstruction

In response to extensive floods in December 2015 that washed away the A591, a critical road forming the bank of Raise Beck, Cubby Construction Limited emerged as the contractor of choice for this high-profile engineering challenge. The project involved the meticulous restoration of both carriageways, requiring seamless collaboration with key agencies, including Capita, Kier Highways, County Council, Highways England, United Utilities, Forestry, and local landowners.

Through innovative engineering solutions, swift response, and effective teamwork, Cubby Construction Limited successfully revitalised the A591, not only re-establishing a vital transportation link in the Lake District National Park but also contributing to the region’s overall infrastructure resilience against environmental adversities. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to navigate challenges with precision and expertise, showcasing our capacity to manage high-stakes, time-sensitive engineering endeavours.




Road Reconstruction


Circa £1.7M


Kier Highways for Highways England