Land Restoration

The former Kinneil Kerse landfill site is approximately 152ha in area and is located adjacent to the southern bank of the Forth Estuary. The site was an active landfill between the 1920s and 2000.

It was known that the site was not capped to current standards and many areas had developed into ecological habitats over the past 20 years. The site is also adjacent to the Firth of Forth Special Protection Area (SPA) (Kinneil Lagoon) which is used by over-wintering and migratory waders, wildfowl and seabirds. Large areas of Giant Hogweed had also been identified at the site.

It was agreed with regulators that capping of the landfill would take place using existing materials available from stockpiles on site with the incorporation of a gas flaring system. The restoration works would incorporate landscaping and planting to improve the biodiversity of the site.




Land Restoration


Circa £280k


Falkirk Council & WSP

The Kinniel Kerse project was to restore a former landfill to create a natural habitat for wildlife along the banks of the Firth of the Forth, which drastically enhanced the biodiversity of the site and improved the living and working environment for the local community.

The firth is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The Firth of Forth Islands SPA (Special Protection Area) is home to more than 90,000 breeding seabirds every year.

This project received major interest from ecology, who were on site daily monitoring birds, bid nests, badgers, foxes. Setting up cameras for suspected fox and badger holes.

Management of invasive species included the removal of Giant Hogweed, treating and berrying Japanese Knotweed.

Ponds were excavated to create homes for wildlife. Green nesting boxes were hosted around the edge for Shelducks to nest.

Concrete structures were installed to mimic rocky outposts, attracting small amphibians to the areas.

PAS100, Publicly Available Specification for Composted Materials, were utilised from Kinneil Kerse Recycling Centre itself. Contributing to the concept of the circular economy, the end of waste criteria for compost.

Cubby successfully completed the initial phases of restoration works at Kinneil Kerse Landfill diligently and professionally; their staff have been extremely courteous and helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cubby for future similar works.

Tony BrownWSP