Flood Alleviation

Cumbria’s River Derwent has been the focus of a number of serious flooding events in recent years. During these floods, significant damage had been caused to Yearl Weir, near Workington in West Cumbria.

Following recent flooding events a significant length (160m) of the River Derwent banks were eroded, Cubby Construction were contracted by United Utilities as full design and build contractor to provide a solution to reinstate the river bank scour on the access track to the south of Yearl pumping station, the bank length between the Yearl Weir and Yearl pumping station and the bank immediately upstream of Yearl Weir which was threatening the structural stability of the weir.




Flood Repair & Alleviation


Circa £368k


United Utilities

Construction commenced in spring, finishing in early summer 2019.

Since installation, the vegetation has fully established with an abundance of native species. Fry, lamprey and eels thrive in the silted margins, with improved marginal habitat to assist with cover and invertebrate abundance.

The large rootwad revetment will sustainably protect the bank whilst offering substantial environmental benefits.

Cubby Construction was the winner of the CECA NW Collaborative Partnership Award 2019 for the Yearl Weir, River Derwent Project.

“The whole team including off-site management, site management, construction
operatives, subcontractors, and design team have been extremely professional
throughout and easy to work with.
Given the significant environmental restrictions, this project had to be completed
in a single river working window, which was achieved with a number of weeks
spare which is greatly appreciated and allows United Utilities to meet our
For my part as Project Manager I can say that it has been a genuine pleasure to
work with a thoroughly competent, professional and pleasant team who have
played a significant part in bringing this project to a successful conclusion.
I very much look forward to working together on another project in the future.”

Stephen CapstickProject Manager, United Utilities