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April 2024

At Cubby Construction, we believe in more than just building structures; we’re committed to fostering creativity and innovation within our communities. That’s why we were thrilled to partner with Cumwhinton School and Architects Plus for an exciting poster competition aimed at engaging young minds in the design and construction process.

As part of Cumwhinton School’s expansion project, which we’ve been proud to be a part of alongside Architects Plus, we wanted to involve the students in a hands-on way. So, we invited them to participate in a poster competition, challenging them to envision the spirit of designing and building through their artwork.

The competition, which asked children to create A4-sized posters, sparked an incredible display of creativity and imagination. Guided by Architects Plus and our team at Cubby Construction, the students poured their hearts into their designs, capturing the essence of designing and building in unique and captivating ways.

“We’ve been honoured to be involved in this project and to provide an opportunity for the children to understand how a project like this works,” expressed our team at Cubby Construction. “From the design right through to the build, it’s been inspiring to see the enthusiasm and talent of these young artists.”

Victoria and Christian from Architects Plus echoed this sentiment, stating, “We were really impressed with the ideas and skills shown by the competition entries from the students. It was really encouraging to see how the themes of inclusion, site safety, and the process of designing and constructing the school extension were all represented in the students’ ideas.”

After careful deliberation, the winning poster and four runners-up were selected by judges from Cubby Construction and Architects Plus. The unveiling ceremony during a school assembly on 17 April 17 2024, was a moment of pride and celebration for the entire school community.

The winning artist received a prize of art supplies, while the four runners-up each received a £10 book voucher. But the real prize was seeing their artwork displayed proudly on a super-sized banner adorning the front fence space between the construction site and the school, serving as a constant source of inspiration for all.

Reflecting on the experience, Jon Stewart, Headteacher of Cumwhinton School, expressed his gratitude, saying, “As Headteacher of Cumwhinton School, I extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cubby Construction and Architect Plus for igniting the creative spirit of our pupils through the recent poster competition.”

He continued, “Their enthusiastic participation in being part of the designing and construction of their new classroom inspired posters reflects the passion and talent fostered by this initiative. Your recent visit to our school, engaging with our children and answering their questions, further exemplifies your commitment to nurturing the next generation of architects and builders. Thank you for your invaluable support in shaping the future of our pupils.”

This poster competition was more than just a showcase of artistic expression; it was a testament to the power of collaboration between education and industry partners in shaping the future generation. Cumwhinton School remains dedicated to nurturing creativity and innovation among its students, fostering a culture of excellence and learning that extends beyond the classroom walls.

At Cubby Construction, we’re honoured to play a part in this journey, and we look forward to continuing to support initiatives that empower and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.