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March 2024
A Teenager’s Insightful Work Experience at Cubby Construction
At just 17 years old, Will from Keswick School embarked on a journey to explore the intricate world of construction. With a keen interest in following in his father’s footsteps, who had made his mark in the construction industry, Will was eager to delve into the realm of Quantity Surveying. However, unlike his father, he envisioned himself not on the field, but rather in the bustling atmosphere of an office, with occasional visits to construction sites. Cubby Construction welcomed Will for a three-day stint, from the 27 to 29 February 2024.

Day 1: Introduction to Estimating

Will’s journey commenced with a warm welcome at Cubby’s headquarters. Guided by Dan Cleminson, the Precontracts Manager, Will was introduced to the Estimating department. It was here that Will received his first taste of real-world experience, as he engaged in the process of take-offs to quantify materials for a live tender submission. The day was filled with insights into the meticulous calculations and assessments that lay at the heart of Estimating.


Day 2: Unravelling the Role of a Quantity Surveyor

On the following day, Will’s mentor Aidan, Quantity Surveyor shed light on the multifaceted role of a Quantity Surveyor. Through hands-on exercises, Will grasped the intricacies of take-offs for a live construction project at the Tullie, museum in Carlisle. Aidan meticulously walked him through the cash flow process, demonstrating the crucial applications for valuations sent to clients. Will gained a deeper understanding of how to navigate the financial aspects of construction projects, learning how to apply for funds and provide evidence of progress.


Day 3: Immersion into Tender Planning

The final day of Will’s work experience journey was nothing short of illuminating. Under the guidance of Brian, Senior Planner Will embarked on a site visit to Carlisle Football Club, immersing himself in the practicalities of tender planning. Witnessing first-hand the coordination required to bring a tender to fruition, Will absorbed valuable insights into project management and site logistics. Back at the office, Paula provided invaluable insights into the Bid Writing process. Will actively contributed to the preparation of a quality submission and Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ), gaining hands-on experience in crafting documents essential for securing contracts.


Reflections on the Experience

Will’s three-day stint at Cubby Construction proved to be an invaluable experience, offering him a comprehensive overview of the diverse roles within the construction industry. From Estimating to Quantity Surveying and tender planning, Will gained practical insights into the inner workings of a bustling construction firm. His eagerness to learn and proactive engagement throughout the experience showcased his potential for a promising future in the field. As he bid farewell to Cubby, Will left with a newfound appreciation for the dynamic world of construction and a clearer vision of his career aspirations.


Quote from Will

‘Embarking on this work experience at Cubby Construction has been beneficial.  I gained an insight into the intricacies of Estimating and a clearer understanding of the role of a Quantity Surveyor.  Each day presented a different leaning opportunity and challenge. I was able to deepen my knowledge of the construction industry and learn new skills under the guidance of experienced mentors.  This experience has strengthened my desire for pursing a career in Quantity Surveying and provided valuable skills and confidence for my future endeavours into the professional world. I am extremely grateful to Cubby Construction for this invaluable opportunity and for the input and time that numerous people gave me.’  


In conclusion, Will’s journey serves as a testament to the importance of hands-on work experience in shaping career paths. Through immersion in real-world scenarios and guidance from seasoned professionals, young talents like Will are empowered to explore their interests and chart a course toward a fulfilling career in the construction industry. Cubby Construction’s commitment to nurturing young talent underscores the significance of mentorship and experiential learning in fostering the leaders of tomorrow’s construction landscape.