Pier Expansion

Lake District Estates Company Ltd embarked on a transformative project aimed at enhancing the capacity and amenities of their current pier infrastructure. The expansion of the pier was deemed imperative in order to accommodate the surging influx of visitors and provide essential additional resources, including berthing space, servicing areas, and storage facilities for the Ullswater steam fleet.


This expansion initiative entailed the creation of extensions at both the northern and southern ends of the pre-existing timber pier structure. These innovative extensions were meticulously crafted as steel-framed deck sections, or “bents,” and were fortified by a series of robust 31-meter-long, 406mm diameter tubular hollow section piles securely anchored into the lakebed. To maintain the aesthetic harmony with the existing pier, the new bent sections were adorned with timber cladding, designed to closely mimic the original structure. The newly extended pier was further adorned with updated balustrades and berthing posts, culminating in a comprehensive upgrade that not only met the demand for increased capacity but also harmonized seamlessly with the natural beauty of the surroundings.




Glenridding Pier Extension


Circa £484k


Lake District Estates